Lavender Diamond Dreams
Deep Heat of Summer

Hello angels!  It is late august now - in the deep heat of summer.  I was having a terrible time suffering in the heat I really couldn’t do anything at all but then my friend Gordy said to me that when it’s so hot it’s good because you’re sweating and you didn’t even have to do anything at all!  no exertion! and you’re already sweating!  so now i think of it that way - that i’ve just been exercising in the great life adventure and the sun is helping me and i’m already working so hard without even having to do anything at all but wake up and feel the heat of the sun.  well it certainly does feel that way.  i wonder if the weather patterns are becoming unwound forever.  it feels sad to think that the weather has become unwound - what will we rely on if not the weather? isn’t the weather what holds the seasons and cycles of life together?    i guess then that it’s a great chance for everyone to wake up to our relationship to the life force of the planet!  it seems so strange that we have to cause and experience injury in order to realize our relationship to the earth and our power as a species.  i wish i understood more of the nature of injury, why it is necessary.  more later on this. sending you many vast oceans of love!!  love, peace *b 


hello angels!  good morning!  it is the beginning of the world again!  every day and every sunrise is like the brand new beginning of the world.  or is it actually the beginning of the world again? not like the beginning  but really actually the beginning?  i don’t know!  we’ll talk about that later.  well in any case this is becky writing to you and i have a lot to say!  i guess i’ll just begin.  ha!  first of all there is a new lavender diamond album!  it’s called incorruptible heart!  oh there’s so much to say about it!  i love it!  i’m so happy!  it’s a very sad record though.  well it’s not all sadness - not at all!  there is also celebration and so much love in it - and i think it is a transformation of the sadness.  but definitely there are some very sad songs on it. but hopefully those will be helpful because i think when people can feel things together it is really the way for those feelings to be liberated.  more on that later too!  oh there’s so much to talk about!  i love you!